Frequently Asked Questions - Mari Fuentes Photography

How would you describe your style of photography?

Most photos are lightly posed, meaning I’ll help get you into place first and then encourage interaction and real expressions while we’re snapping away. I always say it’s never a photo session without an adventure! We’ll stay on our feet the whole time, seeking out good light and backgrounds that enhance your personalities. I’ll be chatting with you the whole time.

Is this your full-time job?

Unfortunately it is not but photography is my true passion.  In my free time if I am not at a photo session you can catch me in the gym taking action shots at volleyball or basketball games.

I’m really bad at posing and I’m terribly unphotogenic!

Believe it or not, pretty much EVERYONE tells me this before their session, and it never turns out to be true! I love coaching my clients through having their photos taken, and I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to make you look fabulous! When you’re having a great time, you’ll look more beautiful than you thought was possible. I promise! :)   I also normally bring my teenage daughter with me who is great with younger kids and being that she is normally my model she has come up with some really good poses.

Can I bring my mom/boyfriend/other family member/dog along for a couple of pictures?

YES! I love it when my clients bring along a “laugh buddy,” and it’s always fun to grab an extra photo of the two of you together! You’re also welcome to bring pets, as long as you have somewhere to keep them when they’re not being photographed. If it’s too hot to leave them in the car for awhile, then please bring someone else to hold their leash.

What is a "session fee"?

It is your investment to cover our time to shoot and process the images from your session, hosting your proofs in an online gallery for 10 days as well as travel time/expenses. It is non-refundable.

When do I have to pay?

All payments are due at the time of ordering. Payment for sessions must be received in full to reserve at the time of your session. Similarly, payment for prints, canvases, cards, etc must be received in full before your order is processed. For convenience, we accept cash, check,  and credit cards.

Do you charge extra for additional locations?

No. Well, not exactly. All of our sessions are based on the package of the photo shoot you book.

Where will my session take place?

Your session can take place at almost any location (including your home). Travel within 20 miles of San Antonio is included with every session for free. Even so, we love to photograph new and exciting locations! Do you already have a location in mind? Great! Just let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate!

What happens if the weather doesn’t cooperate?

Bad weather happens. Rain and wind are inevitable. We keep a very close eye on the weather forecast and will reschedule your outdoor session as soon as possible if we feel it isn’t conducive for you. There is no fee to reschedule to a new date if it's raining or overcast.

Do you offer digital files?

All image collections include full-resolution digital files with a print release, which allows you to reproduce images for personal use as many times as needed.

When will I be able to see the images?

After your photo shoot is over, you can expect your proofs to be ready in approximately 2 weeks from your session date. You will receive an email with an Access Code to your private gallery to review your proofs. Session fees include access your private online proof gallery for 30 days.  Proofs will be purged from the website after the gallery has expired.

What should I wear?

Wardrobe is one of the single largest contributors to a successful photo shoot. It is all about the right selection of color, textures and accessories.

1) Select colors from the same color family and avoid tiny print patterns or clothing with words printed on them.

2) Layer it up! Layers create visual interest and will keep you warm and cozy when we’re outside playing in the leaves. Think tights, cardigans, blazers, and scarves.

3) Choose two main shades that you love, then base your color scheme around them. Use the brightest color, also known as your accent color, sparingly.

4) Don’t forget accessories! Pieces like burlap suspenders or a flowery headband for the kids will take your ensemble to the next level of cute.

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